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Fertilizer from eggshells

Last week, Poultry World published an interesting article about a new groundbreaking method for developing fertilizers. 

Brazilian researchers from the Federal University of Parana (UPFR) and Roger Borges from Embrapa Instrumentação, have developed a method for producing organic fertilizer from eggshells using thermal energy and friction.

The war in Ukraine has, in addition to the tragic human consequences, also had great significance for several global supply chains. Among them, is the production of fertilizers where Russia and Ukraine are two of the largest exporters of fertilizers.

Specifically, in 2021 Brazil imported approx. 41.5 million tonnes of fertilizer to a value of 15.2 billion. USD.

Brazilian egg production reached 45.6 billion. eggs in 2021, so there is enormous untapped potential here.

Using eggshells as fertilizer is not news, however the process and potential yield from the process is. Specifically, the eggshells are placed in a high energy ball mill together with potassium phosphates. This proces form new compounds capable of providing phosphorus, calcium, and potassium - 3 essential minerals for crop development. Being a dry process, the research team also managed to avoid time/energy consuming drying phases.

Two patents has been filed by the team, who intends to commercialize the solution shortly.

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