Go-to-market strategy

Market report

The first step to getting a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, is having an in-depth understanding of the market. This can be obtained through a market report. 

To deliver a useful market report, we focus on closely defining the scope and expected content of a report. Halfway through the process, we find it beneficial to touch base, in order to be aligned with expectations from both parties.


The content of the market report, typically follow a template including demography, description of the market, competitors, customer base, import/export tariffs and a go-to market strategy.

The template is usually where we start, when we go through the scope of the report. However, the final scope is always a result of a thorough process with you.

Go-to-market stragety

The final part of a market report, is the go-to-market strategy. Based on the content in the market report, we devise and recommend a strategy on approaching a specific market.

The next phase in the process, is where we go-to-market. This can be done in many different ways, where we offer our assistance should you require it. Being from ad-hoc consulting, to facilitating the market entry ourselves, being your man on the ground. A solution we call Own Man in Latam